San Francisco in the Age of Trump: a Look Ahead with Ben Tulchin

Monday, February 27, 2017

The election of Donald Trump as President changes the world in ways we are only beginning to discover. To understand how the Trump Presidency will affect San Francisco, it helps to understand the city’s existing political dynamics. Few know them better than Ben Tulchin, one of the city’s foremost political pollsters and consultants. He will review the city’s political here and now and provide an informed glimpse into the wild blue yonder.

In November, San Francisco elected four new supervisors. They appear to change the balance of power from the progressives to the moderates, which should make Mayor Lee’s life easier. But nationwide waves may swamp local currents. Even if we aren’t penalized for being a “sanctuary city,” President Trump and the Republican Congress have little reason to look favorably on deep blue areas such as San Francisco. An economic downturn (arguably overdo) would only increase the fiscal stress.

So who are the power players –- the people and groups that get things done –- and how, if at all, is that likely to change? What issues will be addressed (or avoided) and how? Who will be running for what in 2018 and 2019, and what are their chances? These are some of the questions Ben will address.

As the 2016 election demonstrated, crystal-ball gazing is a hazardous pastime. But it’s even more dangerous not to recognize reality, as the election also demonstrated. President Trump is now reality. Ben Tulchin will help us begin to understand how that reality affects us.

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