Board of Directors

  • dennisminnicknew

    Dennis Minnick


    SHARP’s President is elected annually. Dennis was first elected President in November 2016.

    Dennis is SHARP’s chief cook and bottle washer. Among other things, he manages the building and puts together the mailings.  So if a doorbell needs fixing, a meeting needs to be mic’ed and photographed, or a member’s address needs correcting, Dennis does it. It is not all together clear why.  He says he wants to “contribute to the neighborhood.”  Indeed.  Dennis is a native San Franciscan who grew up in the Haight and South San Francisco, graduated from SF State, and has lived in Sunset Heights since 1975.  He has a video and photography business: 415images.  He enjoys sailing and photography and has been a Deadhead since 1965.  He loves the views from Grandview Park (Turtle Hill to longtime residents) and the view from nearby 15th Avenue.

    Neighborhood tip: Guerra Quality Meats, 14th and Taraval—good products and a friendly, helpful staff who get to know you.

  • noto

    Frank Noto


    SHARP’s Vice-President is elected annually.  Frank was first elected Vice-President in November 2016.

    Born and raised in the Great Valley of California, Frank Noto moved to San Francisco in 1976 after Army service overseas. He moved to the neighborhood with his family in the ‘80s, joined SHARP in the ‘90s, served as its President for extended periods in the 2000s and 2010s, and has his heart in the ‘60s. He is proud of helping to create the SHARP building for the neighborhood. He runs GCA Strategies, a community/government relations firm. Frank doesn’t change loyalties easily: The son of a Brooklyn native, he grew up in the civil rights era idolizing Jackie Robinson and Roy Campanella, and he remains a Dodger fan after 50+ years in Giants-land. He is passionate about creating housing for everyone, polling, Rotisserie baseball, public policy, Sci Fi, running, and his granddaughters, not necessarily in that order. He and Mary live 20 yards away from Willie Mays’ former house.


    Neighborhood tip: Best place to eat with your fingers on the Westside: The New Eritrea on Irving near 10th Ave. And it's thousands of miles closer than the Old Eritrea!

  • hartley

    Deane Hartley


    SHARP’s secretary is elected annually.

    Deane Hartley was born in Lowell, Massachusetts, and raised in nearby Chelmsford.  He has wanted to live in a big city from the time he was a teenager, so in 1989, he jumped at a chance to move to San Francisco.  A graduate of the Wharton School, he works as a health care economist for a large, national insurance company.  He bikes 8,000 miles a year, subscribes to the symphony and the opera, and is a wine enthusiast and collector.  Deane is most interested in surface transportation issues, often in opposition to the grand schemes of the Bike Coalition and the MTA.  He and his partner, Theodora, moved from Nob Hill to the Inner Sunset in 2008, seeking civility and neighborliness.  They found it.  Deane joined SHARP to become more civically involved.  He was attracted by the growing ability of the organization to do good things.  He became SHARP’s Secretary in 2013.  He feels honored and touched by the warm welcome and easy rapport that have greeted him on the SHARP board.  He takes killer minutes, so he may be pressured to remain Secretary forever.

    Neighborhood tip: Inner Fog (545 Irving, near Seventh), best wine bar in town. If you like a glass of wine from their fascinating selection, they'll sell you a bottle of it at a reasonable price to take home.

  • eng

    Chooi Eng Grosso


    SHARP’s Treasurer is elected annually.

    Chooi Eng grew up in Malaysia and Singapore and came to San Francisco in 1974. In 1979, she and her husband, George, moved to their home on Seventh Avenue. They joined SHARP immediately, but she did not become active until 1996, when the open space on Seventh Avenue was endangered. Chooi Eng has been SHARP’s treasurer since 1997. She keeps the books very carefully and looks skeptically on proposals to spend money. She is both exceedingly polite and unafraid to speak up, an excellent combination. As a member of the grassroots coalition to keep the de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park, she helped rally support to rebuild the museum in the park and to build a garage under the music concourse. She later served on the Citizens Advisory Committee to the Concourse Authority. Chooi Eng learned what it is like to be used as “window dressing” when she served on the committee for traffic-calming on Seventh Avenue and on the SF Unified School District’s committee on surplus property.  She was more satisfied with her work in rallying support to rebuild the Dianne Feinstein Elementary School in the Parkside district. She also helped choose the architect. Chooi Eng loves the textile arts and gardening (though flowers make her sneeze). She continues to study Chinese Brush Painting. Her work is improving, but she is glad she has her day job.

  • dennisminnicknew

    Dennis Minnick

    Membership Chairman

    SHARP’s Membership Chairman is elected bi-annually.  Dennis was re-elected in November 2017.

    See profile under “President,” above.

  • barry

    John Barry

    At-large member

    The current term for this seat expires at the end of 2018.

    John moved to the Inner Sunset at age 24, attracted by its proximity to Golden Gate Park.  If you know SHARP, you know John Barry, and vice-versa.  John joined SHARP before there was an Internet, so he doesn’t remember exactly when.  He was SHARP’s President for many years and has been instrumental in its perseverance.  He personally guaranteed the loan that financed the reconstruction of SHARP’s building, so without his help, the new building would not have been built.  For the last few years, John and his wife, May Pon, have hosted SHARP’s annual Christmas lunch, buying and serving the turkey and trimmings.  John also serves on the Grants Committee.  A native of Boston, he is not shy about mentioning it or, for that matter, his other preferences.  He claims to be famous for his wit and humility.  He and May are the parents of two adult daughters, both of whom turned out better than he did.

    Neighborhood tip: John has a fatal weakness for the dry fried chicken wings at San Tung (Irving between 11th and 12th).

  • charles_0404m

    Charles Head

    At-large Member

    Charles grew up in Stamford, Connecticut, and came to San Francisco from Florida in 2003. Shortly afterward, he married Eileen Louie, a native San Franciscan and long-time neighborhood resident. Their combined families include four children and three grandchildren. Charles taught history off and on for many years, including most recently at a private school in Oakland before he retired. A foodie, he owned and operated a cafe in Miami’s design district for five years and was involved with the Florida Restaurant Association. He loves classical music and crossword puzzles. After first attending SHARP meetings in the old clubhouse, he joined the Board to help in SHARP’s transition to the new building. He served as president and vice-president. In July 2016, he resigned as vice-president and became an at-large member of the Board. He represents SHARP at the Coalition of San Francisco Neighborhoods (CSFN), where he serves as Recording Secretary, chair of the Government and Elections committee, and a member of the executive committee. He represents SHARP also on the Police Community Advisory Board at Taraval Station.

    Neighborhood tip: Arizmendi's triple mushroom pizza—to die for!

  • mchuron

    Carol McHuron

    At-large member

    At-Large members of the Board are elected bi-annually.  Carol was re-elected in November 2015.

    Carol has had a consulting business based in San Francisco since 1989. She does strategic planning and execution management for small businesses and non-profits. She loves to hike on Mt. Tamalpais, be with family and friends in the beautiful Bay Area, and cook in her new kitchen. She joined SHARP in the 90’s and recently became part of the Board because she likes the great programs and wants to contribute to SHARP’s goal of giving back to the community through grant making.

    Neighborhood tip: Park Chow—great service and wonderful food at a reasonable price.

  • andrew_6247w

    Andrew Mihailovsky

    At-large member

    At-Large members of the Board are elected bi-annually.  Andrew was elected in November 2016.


  • Sofia Photo

    Sofia Perel

    At-Large Member

    Sofia grew up in El Salvador and moved to the Bay Area when she was 15. She is a world traveler – has been to more than 21 countries and wants to keep exploring the world! She moved to San Francisco in 2000 and lived in NOPA and North Beach where she fell in love with The City. Once they had a daughter, she and her husband Jonathan started looking for a new place. Their requirements for their new neighborhood were: to be diverse and still have the SF local vibe, be within walking distance of the Golden Gate Park, have lots of other families, be somewhat mellow but NOT sleepy, have great food, and have access to the good public schools in SF.  They narrowed down their search to a 10-block radius in the Inner Sunset and have been living happily in the area for the last 2.5 yrs.  Sofia joined SHARP because she loves to bring people together to work on a common goal and to share their unique experiences. She has a career in marketing for non-profits, start ups, and corporate organizations.

    Neighborhood tip: Lavash – has great Persian food and the Zereshk Polo (rice with barberries) is delicious!!

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