Police update; plans for a new greenhouse at the Arboretum

Monday, January 30, 2012

Sgt. Kirk Yin from Taraval Police Station updated us on activities of the Police Dept. in our area and answered question from the audience.  He suggested the we all sign up for the Taraval Station Newsletter by sending and email requesting that you be placed on the list. Send your email to: SFPDTaravalStation@sfgov.org

Sue Ann Schiff from the San Francisco Botanical Garden Society briefed us on plans for a proposed new greenhouse/nursery center at Strybing Arboretum in Golden Gate Park.  This non-profit organization and its hundreds of volunteer gardeners devote their efforts to preserving the more than 10,000 trees, flowers and other plants in the Arboretum.  Many are endangered or even extinct in the wild.  Plans for the new nursery and related facilities have been 20+ years in the making.

20120130 Arbo
San Francisco Botanical Garden Society briefing

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